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Indonesia’s Sugarcane Plantation: Terms and Conditions to Support National Sugar Supply

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In Indonesia, Sugarcane plantation has a term named Community Field or Hutan Rakyat. What is Community Field? Sugarcane field usually owned by a plantation company, isn’t it? So all this time sugar is produced by the small farmer? In Sugarcane plantation, there are 2 types of plantation fields, that is field that owned by the plantation company itself or usually known as Cultivation Rights or Hak Guna Usaha (HGU) and the other one is Community Field that owned by farmers. In this case, some sugarcane plantation companies pull together with farmers to co-producing sugar for national supply and the commercial. Then, what is the way to support national sugarcane productivity?

Here’s the thing. Sugarcane plantation companies collaborate with farmers to produce sugar. This kind of collaboration is not directly done, but there is a special condition in each region or more precisely, a sugarcane plantation company is the one that makes a bid with farmers for the existence of land auction. Land auction is one of the popular solutions for collaboration. This kind of field auction can be shaped as a land renting that offered to farmers for a couple growing seasons with a mutually agreed sharing system. Or maybe it can be done otherwise. Another way of collaboration can be to create with the supply of production materials such as fertilizer, pesticide, and others by sugarcane plantation companies.

For supporting national sugar productivity, every sugarcane plantation companies have their target. Unfortunately, form that target, only 70% of production can be reached. External problems are found a lot during the production process. The one is like, the weak coordination of harvest decision making. Some new technologies like harvest time determining device, irrigation accuracy device, and land mapping device should be needed on land so that field potential can be recognized. With the existence of those technologies, decision making and level up the production can be synchronously done. Data can be further processed with the help of an agricultural analyst optimally. Started with those technologies procurement, the order of harvesting time and grinding time can be arranged efficiently so farmers can know the exact time when they have done their job.

Mertani has various integrated technologies to support those needs. First, Mertani Automatic Weather Stations can support the harvesting management with the allocation of micro-climate data. The data simply collected and easily calibrated for the harvesting decision making. The right harvesting time and fast treatment can be done accurately to prevent yield loss. Integrating with Water Level Device, this output possibly can reach the top of efficiency and productivity through water management. These are the facilities that farmers need for upgrading their plantation system. Yield escalation is the reason why those technologies should be soon implemented. With the availability of technology facilities from sugarcane plantation companies, farmers can jointly support the national sugar supply.

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