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Analyze Real-Time Microclimate, Rainfall, Water Level, and Other Relevant Data Anywhere


4.0 Smart Technology, collecting data without any manpower in-between. Via network, data can reach you directly and easily accessible by phone or PC.


Large secure storage. Saving your important plantation data securely


All commands in one access. Analyze relevant data according to your preferences.


Connecting you and your data through LPWAN communication system

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IoT Water Level
Senses the water level beneath the surface and sends the measurement to the cloud storage in real-time. This enables plantation managers to always keep track water level through their laptops or mobile phones on day to day basis. Using this solution, plantation companies can ensure conducive water availability to support their palm tree productivity. While at the same time, avoid wildfire fire and gives positive impacts on the environment.
Case Study

Mertani is currently helping to control the groundwater level in real-time at one of the largest palm oil plantation in Riau, Indonesia. Using this solution, the plantation could control the right water level (40-60 cm from ground level) thus maximizing aeration, fertilization efficiency, and decreasing carbon emission from the peatland. Also, the quality of palm oil in the areas with the right level of water was improved. Each device could help control around 1 block of palm oil plantation (around 8 hectares).

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Automatic Weather Station
This device consists of multiple sensors that help companies to acquire real-time microclimate data from the field so companies know the condition of evapotranspiration, enables them to fertilize efficiently, overcome pest and disease, and also can be used for crop management analysis.
Case Study

The decrease in palm oil production reached 2% in September 2019. Serious handling has been carried out by several oil palm companies together with Mertani by installing several IoT Automatic Weather Stations at several plantation locations in Sumatra and Kalimantan. The accuracy of data collection on rainfall, temperature, and humidity can help measure the level of oil palm evapotranspiration so that the control of water requirements needed for oil palm plants can be adjusted to yield standards for harvesting.

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Plantation companies can upload the amount of yields any time. Also, their harvesting progress and which lane they have gone through is tracked real-tme. This enables managers to maintain the right amount of yields per day and per month through smarter policies. As a result, efficiency occurs in their harvesting process and production plant.
Case Study

Mertani is conducting a project to test the accuracy of Hardware Communication by conducting a Proof of Concept (POC) at a palm oil plantation company in Sumatera. Accuracy monitoring is carried out by adjusting the needs of palm oil plantations. In this case, palm oil plantations want a wide range of GPS and a data transmission system that can transmit large amounts of data.

The benefits of improving GPS quality and data retrieval are used to expand the range in monitoring harvesters’ locations and also to facilitate the collection of harvest data. The determination of the location range is still evaluated until it reaches the desired range. Location determination using GPS has equipped with Low Power Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) technology.

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